Agrico awards Geerlofs order to design and build research laboratory

Agrico is a powerful cooperation and market leader in developing, producing and marketing high value potatoes. Agrico supplies seed potatoes as well as table, chips and organic potatoes. Research is performed in the laboratory in Bant, The Netherlands. High yield varieties with strong resistance against diseases are the innovative result of this work, as well as a broad produce range suitable for all local markets Agrico works in. Main activities in the lab are cross breeding, sowing and selection.

To be able to maintain the excellent market position in the future, extension of the laboratory was a logical step. Enlargement of the green house surface is one end of the equation and the upgrading of the existing climate rooms as well as building 5 new climate rooms the other. Geerlofs will build these new facilities and supply a modern refrigeration system to serve the new and the existing climate rooms. Naturally Gisopanel® insulation panels will be used as well as Gisodoor®  insulated doors. To create well distributed air flow, perforated suction and exhaust walls will be applied. The climate system will be able to cool, heat and humidify. LED grow lights are as well supplied by Geerlofs. With a heat recovery system the technology is environmentally friendly.


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