Geerlofs Refrigeration 85 years

This year Geerlofs Refrigeration celebrates its 85th birthday. Something to notice as there are not many companies in industrial refrigeration of such an age. And where people are considered to be ‘aged’, we are getting younger all the time.

In 1933 Mr. R. Geerlofs founded the company and it remained in the family for three generations. Now, we are still a family owned business as part of the Smeva Group. The Smeva Group is close to its 100th year of existence.

Starting as an importer of refrigeration equipment, Geerlofs developed to an engineering, assembling and installing company. Servicing companies in food and floriculture. Our customers are farmers, growers and traders in flowers, fruit and vegetables. Since decades we are the proud partner of The Dutch Flower Group, worldwide. For companies such as Kompany (cucumbers) and Frankort & Koning (fruit) we have engineered and installed the complete refrigeration system for their new buildings. In the fish and meat sectors we work for slaughterers like T. Boer & Zn. (VanDrie Group) and fish processor Visscher Seafood. And in the forefront of innovation in fruits, vegetables and flowers we build laboratories and growth rooms for Limgroup (strawberries, asparagus and mushrooms), Nunhems Seeds (Bayer: seeds of vegetables) and Anthura (anthurium and orchid specialist).

In the past years developments in the field of refrigeration go fast and in come big steps. Not only is Geerlofs Refrigeration keeping pace but also puts itself in front of the line with developments. For instance with the Gispro® control systems which give the possibility to remote viewing and controlling. And gives a wealth of management data like measurements to monitor produce quality and technical information of the system to enable early response to (possible) failures.

Also sustainability has become an important topic to discuss. The use of natural refrigerants, energy recovery (to put waste energy to good use) are obvious for Geerlofs. As well as continuous improvement in efficient and effective control to reduce energy use while not reducing the quality of the produces of our customers.

Together with Smeva we continuously develop new ways to service our customers. Smeva at the retail end of the market with modernly designed, easy to clean and energy friendly refrigerated display cases. Geerlofs serves the markets earlier in the food chain. Together we are proud to be able to work for companies that are leading in their business.