• Geerlofs_vacuumkoeler_luchthaven

    Airport pharma center at MST Airport by Geerlofs

    In the air cargo industry Geerlofs is an established name. Whether we talk about the perishable center Changi Coolport for SATS, a vacuum cooler used by Lufthansa at Frankfurt Airport or cold stores for KLM at Schiphol Airport. Or even precooling of roses at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport or storage of meat at Mekele Ethiopia:...

  • Geerlofs_Schoneveld_Breeding

    Schoneveld Breeding: PlantXperience

    Schoneveld Breeding was established in 1930 and specializes in breeding cold-loving pot plants such as Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. The company has grown into a major player. And is growing further: the existing location is now too small to house the future. A completely new building is being erected with a state-of-...

  • Bakker The Netherlands again chooses Geerlofs Refrigeration as partner

    Back in 1994, Geerlofs already built the storage facility for company Bakker. Bakker is specialized in growing potatoes, onions and carrots. A good storage is vital to the economics of the business and allows the farmer to store the produce for a long period and thus gives him the opportunity to sell at the best market conditions.

  • Geerlofs_Veerman_verse_boerderij_friet

    Fresh farm fries: Veerman Goudswaard

    Adriaan and Pieter Veerman, sons of former Dutch Minister of Agriculture Cees Veerman, have their farm just south of Rotterdam. There they grow potatoes and cut these to fresh farm fries. Both consumers as well as companies find their way to the farm more and more often. So it was time for a next step: the addition of a new modern...

  • geerlofs_klimaatdeuren

    Agrico awards Geerlofs order to design and build research laboratory

    Agrico is a powerful cooperation and market leader in developing, producing and marketing high value potatoes. Agrico supplies seed potatoes as well as table, chips and organic potatoes. Research is performed in the laboratory in Bant, The Netherlands. High yield varieties with strong resistance against diseases are the innovative...


    ESRO Food Group selects Geerlofs to design and build CO2 system

    Esro, a family company based in the South of The Netherlands, is a specialist in beef, veal and seafood. Whether it is beef shreds, swordfish or veal cheeks, all products have a constant high quality and the company is among others BRC Food certificated. With several locations, own freezer stores with over 10.000 pallet places,...

  • Mr. R.P. Geerlofs

    On Saturday November 19th 2016 Mr. R.P. Geerlofs, former director and owner of our company, passed away. Mr. Geerlofs developed and has led Geerlofs Refrigeration from 1963 till 2002.

  • Koppert Cress kas

    Koppert Cress finds cool cressence with Geerlofs Refrigeration

    Koppert Cress specializes in cresses; seedlings of unique plants, which each have their own specific effect on the senses. Flavour, fragrance, feel or presentation, there is a cress for all. The Architecture Aromatique, as Koppert

  • Smeva test lab

    Smeva test lab equipped with Geerlofs CO2 refrigeration system

    Smeva is The Brand for refrigerated display counters for use in supermarkets, butcheries and fisheries. The company, which is almost 100 years in operation, has modernized its laboratory. In their head office in the South of