Bakker The Netherlands again chooses Geerlofs Refrigeration as partner

Back in 1994, Geerlofs already built the storage facility for company Bakker. Bakker is specialized in growing potatoes, onions and carrots. A good storage is vital to the economics of the business and allows the farmer to store the produce for a long period and thus gives him the opportunity to sell at the best market conditions.

Bakker Zeewolde

Last year the company was hit by a fire which destroyed the building. Geerlofs won the order to supply the complete storage technology for the new building. The upcoming harvest will be put in the new facility. It is state-of-the-art, with combined refrigeration, drying and ventilation. Controlled by Geerlofs’ own and customer specific Gispro® storage processor. All parameters important for storing the produce are integrated in the system and accessible through a user friendly visualization package. Also the system can be operated through the internet.


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